Purchase: offering your frozen food stocks

You do not want to be stuck with food products that are no longer suitable for selling in your customary market. Whether it is due to a changing stock, bankruptcy, damage or production deviation, the products take up valuable space. Not to mention the loss of income. Therefore you want to get rid of this remaining stock.
Froozzoo buys these stocklots and overstock of your frozen food. To give quality food products a purposeful destination and, therefore preventing food waste, is our contribution towards sustainability. Read more about our company vision.

All of your remaining stock sold rapidly

Let us know about the difficulties that you are facing. Due to our network of retailers, market vendors, producers and other recipients, we are always able to buy your commerce. After agreement of the price we will ship your remaining stock very soon.

Do you have frozen products, batches of meat or other stocklots to offer? Contact us and receive a bidding.