Sell your Frozen Foods with production errors to Froozzoo

Mistakes in the production process occur all the time and when it happens it usually leads to economic loss. Instead of destroying these valuable products it is better for you to sell it to Froozzoo!

Amongst mistakes we find deviations of the extra specifications that the client wanted, forgotten ingredients so that it does not match entirely or products that are wrongly wrapped or labeled.

Products that are evidently unsuited for selling in the regular market are offered a second chance by us. We do this by collecting them, paying directly and sell the items discretely, without affecting you or anyone else in your market. This is a win win situation!

Specialized in Frozen Food

Froozzoo is experienced and skilled in storing and distributing Frozen Foods, with an emphasis on meat, chicken, fish, pizza, icecream and pastry. With our own distribution center we are capable of acting fast and storing for a longer period of time. We take away all of your problems concerning transport, storage and shipping. And we pay you directly.

Do you have Frozen Foods for sale that have production errors? Contact us for a good offer.

Purchase of Frozen Foods with production errors

Frozen Foods all have an expiration date, so you have little time to lose. After your request we make the deal as soon as possible. We can manage to do so due to our expertise in the price and quality of Frozen Foods. Furthermore we have the possession of:

  • Refrigerated trucks for transportation
  • Cold storage warehouse on a centralized location
  • Knowledge according national and international laws

Would you like to know if we can purchase your stockings or reserves? Contact us and we can let you know right away.

Not just Frozen Foods with production errors

Froozzoo has a lifetime experience in buying and selling Frozen Foods. We buy products with deviations, but we also have different channels to buy from. We acquire the following from our European network:

  • Cancelled orders
  • End-of-life products
  • Products with coming expiration dates
  • Damaged products due to fire,flood and smoke
  • Rejected goods

Do you want to buy reserves from us? Please contact us for our present selection.

Our mission: evade foodwaste

Food waste is one of the biggest challenges we face today. About 30 % of the annual food production is being wasted. In our continent we throw away 95 to 115 kilos as per individual. With our services we contribute to less waste and we prevent loss of revenues.

Frozen Foods with production deviations to offer?

We gladly help to sell your stocks and reserves. So do you have sets that have a production deviation? Meet Froozzoo and ask directly for our possibilities.