Purchase of frozen foods from insolvency

If faced by insolvency the first thing one does is to sell the inventory, to get the best result out of a difficult situation. You can sell your frozen foods rapidly and at a favorable price to Froozzoo. Due to the fact that we have distributors throughout Europe we are able to purchase and resell according to  agreements we make and EU legislation.

Specialized in Frozen Foods

Froozzoo is specialized and experienced in storing and distributing frozen foods, particularly frozen meat, vegetables, pizzas, snacks, icecream and bakeryproducts. With our 3 distribution centers we are able to store fast and for a longer period of time. We take all your concerns according the shipment out of your hand and we make the payment for your frozen foods directly.

Do you have frozen foods coming from an insolvency? Please contact us for our offer.

Purchase of frozen foods coming from an insolvency

Frozen foods have an expiry date, so there is little time to lose. After your request we conduct the purchase as soon as possible. We are able to do so thanks to our insights and experience in the quality of the products. We also have at our disposal:

  • Own transportation
  • Own store capacity
  • Knowledge accoring to EU legislation

Do you want to know if we are able to purchase your frozen foods? Please check out our Purchase offers.

Our mission: evade food waste

Food waste is one of the biggest challenges we face today. About 30 % of the food meant for human consumption is being wasted, while there are still people hungry. In Europe we throw away per head about 95 to 15 kilos annually. With our services we want to contribute to less food waste. Read more about it under our mission.

Selling rest stock or stock from insolvency?

We gladly help you sell your overstock. Do you need a purchaser for your overstock due  to insolvency? Get to know us and inquiere directly about our possibilities.