Category 3 Material: not suited for human consumption

As a purchasing company of frozen foods  Froozzoo offers complete solutions for all kinds of frozen food products. This includes category 3 material. Category 3 are the animal by-products as produced in slaughterhouses and as such it has been approved according to European legislation. For commercial reasons only, it is no longer sold in the market.  

All of these products are covered by well established EU legislation and are not affected by any signs of diseases communicable to humans or animals.

Examples of category 3 material

  • Meat destined for regular sales that has reached its expiry date
  • Frozen foods that have been frozen again after being defrosted
  • Disapproved frozen foods for microbiological reasons
  • Disapproved frozen foods due to uncertain traceability

But also:

  • Raw milk from healthy animals
  • Fish caught in the open sea , meant for fish meal
  • Hoofs, hair, feathers, horns from animals approved for human consumption
  • Former food, for example nutrition primarily meant for human consumption that has been taken out of the market for commercial reasons only
  • Products of animal origin or nutrition that contains traces of animal origin that are no longer suited for selling in the market for commercial or production reasons. Furthermore, manufacturing problems , packaging defects or other defects from which no risk to public or animal health arise.

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Purchase of frozen foods Category 3

To elaborate Category 3 material, a partner with specific qualities is needed. Froozzoo is equipped with all the necessary licenses for commerce, transport and storage of CAT 3. These frozen products are being used for the production of animal food or fermentation, better known as bio- energy.

  • Own refrigerated trucks for transportation
  • Own cold-storage warehouse
  • Knowledge of national and international legislation

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Not only Category 3 products

Froozzoo has a lifetime experience in buying and selling Frozen Foods. We buy products with deviations, but we also have different channels to buy from. We acquire our supply by:

  • Cancelled orders
  • End-of-life products
  • Products with coming expiration dates
  • Damaged products due to fire, flood ans smoke
  • Rejected goods

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 Our vision: evade food waste

Food waste is one of the biggest challenges we face today. About 30% of the annual food production is being wasted. In our continent we throw away 95 to 115 kilos as per individual. With our services we contribute to less waste and we prevent loss of revenues.

Frozen Foods of Category 3 material to offer?

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