Buying our products

Selling overstock

Your clients demand the most competitive price for their frozen foods. Asking for prices with a variety of suppliers could consume too much of your good time. Time that you could probably spend in a better way. We can offer you our services: stocklots from Froozzoo are affordable and attractive. We can offer both overstocks from semi-finished products as from final products, coming from reliable partners. These stocklots are good selling items.

Frozen foods for attractive prices

Depending on what you want to offer your clients, we can help you selling frozen foods at beneficial prices. Considering the fact that we are constantly purchasing overstock we can offer you favorable prices for ice cream and bakery products, pizzas, frozen meat and frozen vegetables.

Purchasing frozen foods is time consuming and it takes effort. Negotiating, comparing prices, making agreements about conditions and delivery. We, as Froozzoo, are specialized in doing all this, so we can offer you a large supply for the lowest price possible.

Froozzoo has an unique network of secondary salesmarkets throughout Europe, where we can sell your products discreetly and without harming your network, and with consideration of EU legislation. This way we can guarantee outlet when time is a compelling factor.

Benefit from our wide range of products

We have a constantly changing range of frozen food products to offer. In a variety that differs from frozen meat, bakery products, pizzas, ice-cream and ice-cream related products. We regularly offer entire stocks of frozen food coming from insolvencies. We sell the stock at appealing conditions. If you are interested in our current supply, please contact us.
Do you want to know more about our offer in overstocks? Keeping updatet about our batches we have at the moment?